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 3- month Lash Packages

What's Included:

  1. One Full Set: Immerse yourself in lash luxury with a professional full set to kickstart your lash journey.

  2. Two Fills Every Month: Keep those lashes on point with two fills each month. 

  3. Earn Loyalty Points: Every visit brings you closer to exciting rewards. Earn loyalty points with each service, adding an extra dash of delight to your lash journey.

  4. Priority Booking: As a VIP member, you get the first pick! Enjoy priority booking, securing your preferred time slots 72 hours before appointment books open to the public each month.

How It Works:

  • Duration: 3 months of lash perfection.

  • No Rollovers: Fills don't roll over, ensuring you enjoy the full benefits each month.

  • VIP Treatment: Experience the VIP lifestyle with priority service.

Why Join:

  • Effortless Glam: Enjoy beautiful lashes without the hassle.

  • Savings: Get a cost-effective package for a stunning lash transformation.

  • Priority Access: Be the first in line for appointments, ensuring flexibility that suits your schedule.

Lash Membership Terms and Conditions:

1. Duration:

  • The membership is valid for a period of (3)three months from the date of enrollment.

2. Services Included:

  • Members will receive (1) one full set (for entire duration of package) and (2)two fills per month as part of the membership package.

3. Fills and Rollover Policy:

  • Fills are allocated on a monthly basis and do not accumulate or rollover into the subsequent months.

4. Loyalty Points:

  • Members will continue to earn loyalty points for each service; however, these points cannot be redeemed for package appointments.

5. Priority Booking:

  • Members are entitled to priority booking, allowing them to secure their preferred time slots 72 hours before appointment books open to the public each month.

6. Appointments:

  • Appointments are on first come first serve basis.

7. Cancellation and Refund Policy:

  • You have 48 hrs to cancel or reschedule an appointment. Rescheduled appointments must be scheduled with the same month and do not roll over to the next month. In the event that you cancel or reschedule after the cancellation cut-off you forfeit your appointment. A sales are final.

8. Membership Renewal:

  • At the end of your membership term. You will have the option to renew.

9. Modifications and Termination:

  • we reserve the right to modify the terms and conditions of this membership and we may terminate this membership if any terms are breached.

10. Communication:

11. Acceptance of Terms:

  • By enrolling in the lash membership, members acknowledge and accept these terms and conditions.

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